Geram Communications is a communications and international development consultancy whose mission is to promote relations and business partnerships between North American and African companies. We make the case for the vast economic potential of African countries so that entrepreneurs and investors in North America and elsewhere may make the best of business opportunities. As well, we seek to help African businesses discover the expertise and the many possibilities for financing and partnerships that exist in the New World.

Africa Trade Magazine is devoted first and foremost to trade and investors. It aspires to go beyond the facile view of Africa by driving home the notion of the emerging continent as a place to do business and invest. Africa Trade provides in-depth coverage of the changes in the trading dynamics between Africa and the rest of the world. It identifies the strengths and weaknesses of these trade relations and seeks to answer a number of important questions. For example, can Africa manufacture that which it now imports?

Africa Trade Magazine brings detailed analysis to investment trends, paying particular attention to the shifting priorities on the African continent. The influence of foreign direct investors versus and the extent to which African nations inject funds into their continent's economic development constitutes data of vital importance. Another of the magazine's missions is to explain the workings of the North American market.